Many creators have the skills to create creative items, but due to lack of knowledge about NFT, lack of marketing skills, and lack of name recognition, they are buried in the digital fashion market, unable to generate sales.

VARBARIAN will build a system where any creator can easily participate in the creation of VARBARIAN items, and they will be able to amplify their sales.

In the first stage of the ecosystem we will present, creators will get 90% of the item’s primary sales.

The ecosystem will evolve as the situation allows more people(creators, marketers, promoters, writers etc) to participate, and will be transformed into a system where people who want to build VARBARIAN together can use their skills and experience.

Of course, it is not immediately possible to create an ecosystem in which many people can participate smoothly or to automate the system using blockchain. For this reason, VARBARIAN will continue to work on the project while constantly disclosing the progress on Trello.

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